Sunday, August 3, 2008

A new magazine!


Twist Collective
is new and pretty and shiny. Lookit! Lots of nice patterns by good designers available for purchase (I am totally making "little birds"), and techniques articles by, among others, Cat By-God Bordhi. (As usual, Cat's article is like, "WHAAAAA?" I'm itching to try out this Mercurial Colorbands thing.) Also Ann and Kay have an advice column in this magazine! Excellent.

I'm glad that someone has finally stepped up and filled in the hole that Magknits left when it died. Actually, Twist Collective is overflowing the Magknits hole, since it is so much bigger and more content-rich.

It's August--that means that September is not too far away, which means soon it will be knitting season! Hooray!!


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