Thursday, August 21, 2008



Look at this baby!

Apparently this is a character from a video game of some sort. I don't have to know what it is to know it's awesome. There are some very good uses for crochet, people.

Sister never seems to be able to get enough attention. She walks around on top of me while I'm sleeping, and sometimes she wakes me up by wedging herself under my arm and walking back and forth so I am forced to pet her. Also, if you were to come to my house and pee, she would push the bathroom door open with her nose and then jump onto the sink and meow until you turned on the tap, and you had just better pet her while she's getting her drink.

However, when you pick her up, she gets all psycho looking.

Look at this! She is literally about to claw his eyes out. Better sleep with one eye open.

Furthermore, Lucky Lucy is maxin' and relaxin'.

Oh, and I finally found something I like about the Olympics. In the men's parallel bars, they wear little outfits with feet, like jammies. I like that.

He doesn't need slippers.


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