Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super long moving style blog post of doom

Oh Braxie! Thanks for the moving well wishes.

I've been back in Ohio for less than a week, and I am covered with insect bites, bruises, and scratches, plus my feet are completely black on bottom. I wondered if maybe I was always covered in bug bites and scratches and bruises when I lived here before, and I just didn't notice it because I was used to it and all my friends were similarly ornamented. I asked KT if this was true. She said yes. Huh.

At the moment I am sitting in the new house, being sort of overwhelmed at the amount of stuff I have yet to do. The first floor is maybe 80% put together. Hey, good work! The second floor is an insane nightmare. For a minute I thought the bedroom couldn't get any worse, but then I decided to put together this dresser. Once the dresser is put together, I thought, I'll be able to put away all these clothes. Then the bedroom won't look like 15 drag queens used it to get fancied up for a show featuring vintage, punk, and DIY fashions of the last decade. My Chi will have room to flow. Things will be great when I put together the dresser, quoth I. Then I opened the box, got out some of the pieces and the instructions, got real intimidated and bored, and decided to go see the Sex and the City movie instead, which was really funny.

So that was a failure, but I've also been doing some homestyle crafting. Check my pot rack!

It's easy! Even people who don't know the right names for hardware things can do it.

You will need:

-1 pegboard cut to fit your space. Mine is 2X4. They cut it for me at the hardware store.
-pretty paint and paintbrush
-Hooks. NOT S hooks, they will not work. The hooks you want look like this. The young man who helped Matt at Lowes did not believe these hooks existed, but trust me, they do, and if that Lowes kid is reading this he should take my advice and investigate it, because what in the world would be the point of pegboard even existing if these hooks didn't exist? Oh, fabulous, a board with holes in it, why don't I hang some stuff on it, oh wait, I can't, they don't make hooks that will fit.
-2 small boards. The size will depend on the size of your pegboard. You'll want them to be about half an inch thick and a couple inches wide, and cut to the length of the pegboard. (These go behind the pegboard to get it away from the wall a little bit so you have room to stick the hooks in.)
-Another person to help you, especially with the attaching the pegboard part.
-Drill and long screws.
-a level wouldn't hurt.

I think you know where this is going. Paint your pegboard! Hooray! Colors! Find your studs. Mark where the top and bottom of the pegboard will be, and drill in your boards there, using the level to make sure you're, you know, level. Then attach your pegboard over top of the boards. Stick in your hooks. POT RACK. Under 20 dollars. Stylish and customizable.

We totally stole this idea from Julia Child, who was rad. She had an entire wall like this in her old school kitchen, which is, rightfully, in the Smithsonian. You can go there and stare at her big blue-green pegboard wall anytime you want. Have a drink, too. Julia would want you to.

Now, everybody, Brax is moving this weekend. I bet she's freaking out about packing AS WE SPEAK. Good luck, Brax!


P.S. Thanks to all the move helpers, including Gabe, David, and Courtney on the DC end, Juan, Mom, and Tome on the Ohio end, and very most especially this here guy:

Honestly, I have exactly ZERO non-goofy pictures of him. Every single picture is in this vein. Even in the Christmas morning pictures from when we were kids, he's always dancing around with a box on his head or something.

Topher! You guys, not only did Topher come all the way to DC to help us load the truck, he also drove my car back with only my cats for company. He took the cats to my new house and gave them food and water and stuff hours before Matt and I arrived. Then, the next day? He helped us unload too. Thanks, Topher!

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