Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh, freaking yuck.

Remember when I said I had moths? I was wrong, they're not moths. They're carpet beetles. I bet no one ever told you that there is a thing called a carpet beetle that can eat your yarn. There sure is, Brax. They ate my Nashua Creative Focus Worsted! Apparently carpet beetles just love Nashua yarns.

Anyway, if you are curious about mean little insects eating your wool, I'd recommend this article.
They don't recommend anything except poison. You have to poison them with deadly poison. Apparently they are harder to get rid of and to prevent than moths. They don't give a shit about cedar or lavender or soap. Just poison.

I don't even clean with chemicals! For one thing they're bad for people and the environment, and for another I don't want Sister and Lucky Lucy to be sick.

I just don't know what I'm going to do about these jerks, but save yourself before it is too late.


P.S. Here's a handy hint: when I have to look up something online that involves an insect, I do a google image search for "puppy" first, and open a really cute puppy in a new little window. Then when I click on the bug pages, I can just resize the puppy and put it over the disgusting picture of a bug while I read the text. This enables me to learn what I need to learn without wanting to die because I'm looking at an insect. That's right, everyone. That is how much I hate insects. Oh, Merciful Heaven, I hate insects.


Kitty Kitty said...

Have you tried putting your yarn in the freezer for a 7-10 days. That should at least kill the larva stage of the bug. For roving that is the no. one suggestion I know of to kill them without harsh chemicals.

Of course you might want to take out your froozen goods first.

Karida said...

Oh yuck. You know I'm gathering the cats and then bombing my basement now...

Or maybe not. That would take days to dissipate in an unventilated basement. Our yarns didn't really mingle though...

Don't you like how I'm taking your problem and making it all about moi?