Friday, June 27, 2008


Sorry for the silence! Brax's computer is dead again, and the reason we share this blog is cause neither one of us is together enough to blog regularly on our own.

Things are steady steady steady here. I am writing on the book a lot, and I am gearing up to teach a mess of classes over at Wholly Craft in July and August. I have to say I am also spending a big chunk of time sitting in the sun and drinking wine. It's summer! I don't think that on my death bed I'll be saying "I wish I hadn't spent all that time in the sun drinking wine when I could have been working harder." I guess in the story I would have been the grasshopper.

Let me tell you about my new house. It's great!!! I've got an office just for me, with a funny little closet for my yarn, and a desk for me to write at and a spot for my swift and my sewing machine. It's got so many windows that it's almost like being outside.

There's my desk! I'm not done decorating in here yet,but I'm already pretty happy with it.

There's my shelf! And what is that above it? Is it a little door in the wall? Maybe a gnome-sized door, like, 4 feet off the ground, just hanging in space?

YEAH IT IS! The creative genius people who built this house wanted there to be closets aplenty, and there isn't room for a regular old closet in here. So what did they do? Why, they built a horizontal closet. It goes back about six feet. For a minute I was calling it a spare bedroom, because it is pretty much exactly the perfect size for a person to hang out in there, but that was kind of creepy and really, it works fine for yarn.

I am amazed at the improvement in my quality of life in this new spot. Little DC apartment, you were good to us and you mostly did your job, but jeeze louise this is so much better.

Last week was my birthday, and Brax got me a fabulous present. We went up to Toledo, where they have some really sweet yarn shops. At Yarn Cravin' (excellent name for an excellent shop) I bought me some of this stuff that I'd been eyeballing ever since I first discovered it on our Seattle trip in November.

I can't get the gorgeous mossy-green-flecked-with-gold color to show up right, but trust me, if I could, you might pass out from the gorgeous.

Next we headed to Fiberworks, where we manhandled there gigantor selection.

I wanted to knit a bed out of this yarn and just roll around on it.

After this sweetass yarn tour of northwest Ohio, we headed up to Detroit to see Alison Krauss and Robert Plant at the Fox Theater. Oh, man. We expected it to be awesome, but we did not expect to walk out of there speechless. I have never seen so many world class musicians all in one place. If they come anywhere near your town, you'd better go see them. Also if you don't have their record you should buy it.

So it was a pretty fantastic birthday. Thanks, Brax!

OK, this blogging is fun and all but it is Comfest this weekend, and I've got a 32 oz. beer mug that needs fillin'. Later dudes!


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Kitty Kitty said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a blast.