Friday, May 30, 2008

Wanted: full service movers


How is your move going?? Everybody, Bruce is moving RIGHT NOW as you read this. Actually, she's probably just unpacking as you read this. I know you probably don't have internet yet, and things are probably Really Hard right now. Ugh. I can only imagine, because I'll be doing the same thing next week.

So, would anybody like to guess exactly how much packing I've done? Anybody? Anyone who knows me in person will know that I've packed exactly nothing. In fact, I got a package delivered from yesterday, and opened it and started playing with the stuff, so I have actually done NEGATIVE packing.

Here is what I ordered:
1. "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin: it's a young adult mystery book that I LOVED when I was a young, avid reader without any friends. I'm re-reading it to see if it's any good.
2. That Spoon album with Sister Jack on it, but on vinyl. Hooray, record player!!
3. The soundtrack to Dirty Dancing. Shut up you guys, I love that movie.

I've also been doing some secret knitting for my pal Karida, as well as some sock knitting for my Mom (I know! Socks take me longer than a sweater). Of course, I have also done my share of stressing out over work: getting everything ready for my replacement, training my replacement, applying for jobs, working tirelessly on my resume....I'm kind of "over" this whole move to Columbus.

In fact, I thought of a great idea for a business: full service moves!! The second you decide you want to move, you call your local full service mover. They take care of finding the perfect apartment, settling on a lease agreement, changing your address with the post office, dealing with utilities, and all that pesky shit. THEN, two days before the move date, a group of movers and medical professionals show up at your house. They put you (and maybe your cats) in a medically-induced coma, pack all your belongings, transport them to the new location, and unpack them for you tastefully. You wake up in your new apartment, with your cable on and your shit completely unpacked and put away. HOW AWESOME would that be??

I guess the last thing I wanted to accomplish in this post was to congratulate Matt on totally being a lawyer now!!! Congratulations, Matt Esquire!!

Okay, everybody send me and Bruce positive moving vibes!

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Libby said...

this movers idea is GENIUS!!