Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bruce soars on two cups of coffee


We had a big weekend around here. Matt graduated! He's a lawyer now. Everyone says that they're going to call him when they get arrested for assault or DUI, but he is not that kind of lawyer.

My grandma and my mother came for the graduation. My grandma really wanted to go to the Willard Hotel. It's this really fancy historical hotel in DC, where, legend has it, Ulysses S. Grant coined the term "lobbyist" in reference to the 19th century wonks who came to the Willard lobby to, well, lobby him. He liked to sit in there and smoke.

So we kicked off the weekend with a bajillion dollar lunch in the Willard Room. Man, it was fancy. When we sat down at the table, Grandma made to sit her handbag on the floor, and a waiter materialized out of thin air and placed a little stool next to her chair. For her purse to sit on. (Mom and I didn't get Little Purse Stools. Possibly because we didn't have designer bags like Grandma? Do you think the waiters at the Willard are trained to give little stools only to bags over $400? Can I also take this opportunity to say that I think LV Bags are hideous and you couldn't pay me 400 bucks to carry one? The concept of the status symbol has tricked countless women into paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for butt-ass-fugly handbags.) Anyway, lunch at the Willard. High heels at lunch! Matt had to wear a tie.

After lunch we went to the Round Robin bar, also in the Willard, where Senator Henry Clay personally mixed Washington's first Mint Julep. Consequently, Mint Juleps are the Round Robin's signature drink. So I had my first Mint Julep there, and it was pretty damn good. It cost 15 dollars. Which, incidentally, is more than the shoes I was wearing at the time ($13.99 at Payless).

Later that day, Matt's family arrived and we split into different groups and did tourist stuff. The graduation itself was incredibly stressful, what with the family, and the crowd, and the AIR CONDITIONING and the trying-to-get-a-cab, plus the weather was awful, but in the end Matt got this giant diploma. I am pretty proud of my guy, the labor lawyer.

Now that that's over, it's time to pack for the move.

The cats are really interested in everything that's going on here.

There is some knitting news too--I am 90% finished with the book knitting! 90%! I've got to do some end weaving and some seam sewing (but not much, because when I write patterns I try not to include seams because seams are tools of Satan). Also I have to knit some sleeves.

Once I do that, I'm all set for my next move. I went and bought me a copy of Cat Bordhi's holy book, Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. Cat is amazing. I am totally blown away by her inventiveness and practicality . Cat has one of my very favorite qualities--she is totally no-nonsense. I love no-nonsense people! There is no crap in this book. It is all really practical meat and potatoes. Seriously, dudes, go out and get you some Cat Bordhi. Girlfriend can tie the knitting part of your brain into a knot, which confuses you at first but then, once you've gotten your head around it, makes perfect sense.

So, as you can see, because of Cat Bordhi, I am 'bout to be one of those sock people. They say things like "Sock yarn doesn't count!" and "Kitchener stitch" and "toe-up." That's me.

That's me starting next week!


Karen said...

Lucy is a giant!! I'm sort of afraid to ask what you're making out of that lime green chunky cascade.

Cabbage said...

That Cascade is gorgeous! Is that Magnum (giggles)? I knit a whole scarf out of Cascade Magnum while waiting in line to vote in 2004. That's how long I was in line, no shit.

Libby said...

the magnum (heehee) is going to be something awesome sometime soon!

Kitty Kitty said...

Your Cats are absolutely adorable, after hearing so much about them I was so happy to find pictures on your blog.

Thanks for sharing photos, Priscilla