Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weekends are awesome

Looks like you had a pretty solid week! I'm glad I'm moving back to Columbus so I can go visit your parents more often...and pet those donkeys! And play with those puppies!
This is what I did Friday night:
L-R: Tome, Josh, Me. Tome invited Josh and myself over to his parent's "estate" out in Hebron, Ohio because he was dog-sitting for them. The original plan was to cook dinner, but I'm not sure what happened. Upon my arrival (straight from a work meeting, with light appetizers, wine, and after dinner drinks), Tome and Josh had the "cooking" well underway, and were doing that Charming thing they do when they snipe at each other like a married couple.
I think Tome was perhaps irritated at being picked on during dinner preparations by Josh and myself. The food was eventually prepared sometime around 1 am, brought to the table for "formal" photographs such as the one you see above, and then put away again immediately. I think it's our new diet plan.
The above picture is slated to be our new Christmas Card for 2008. Unfortunately, no other pictures were released for the press, so I couldn't share any puppy pictures, food pictures, or outtakes from the above photo shoot.
The next day was spent alternately cleaning our fingerprints off of Tome's mother's kitchen cabinets and lying about the house moaning.

Knitting pictures soon!!

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