Friday, September 21, 2007

You never outgrow being a madwoman.


Here's a story about my morning.


2 Weeks Ago

“Hey Boss, I really enjoyed that meeting you asked me to go to. If you don’t like going to them, I’ll continue to go in your stead, cause they’re way interesting!”

“OK, Libby, you can keep going to them for me, just take notes!”

“Thanks, Boss Lady!”

Yesterday, 5:10 PM

I’ve had a long, busy day. I’m getting outta here! Don’t forget about that meeting tomorrow morning. No, I won’t write down the address now, I’ll look it up on webmail tomorrow morning before I leave the house. Golly, it’s nice to have remote access.

Today, 8:10 AM

“Matt, can you go to for me please?”

“Sure…um, it’s not working.”


“That website doesn’t exist”

“Yes it does. It does too exist. It exists, I’ve used it before.”

“Well, explain that to the internet, because it didn’t get the memo.”

Trying every possible variation on the website. What can it be? How? How? What?

8:25 AM

“Well I don’t know what I’m going to do, I should have left 5 minutes ago!”

“Here, what is the name of the Org. you’re meeting with?….google their address! Here’s directions!”

“You are a remarkable person. Goodbye!”

9:05 AM

I guess they don’t have their meetings at their office.

I think last time I went to this meeting, it was over on Mass ave. walka walka walka walka…..

9:15 AM

Huh. Guess not.

Walka walka walka walka walka……walka…..wal….ka…wal…k…a….Oh my god, If this man in front of me doesn’t walk faster, I will punch him in the back of the head. Hm. I think this rage is a sign that, late or not, the lack of coffee has reached a critical stage. Fortunately there is a Starbucks every 15 feet.

Hate you line! Hate you stupid pretentious Starbucks sizing system.

“Large coffee please”


“May I have a Large Coffee Please?”

“Um….OK…a venti coffee will be $2.15.”

9:25 AM

I’d better call someone to find out this address.

“Hi, this is Libby, can you transfer me to Karida please?”


“I’m sorry? “

“Your last name please?”

“This is Libby. It’s Libby. I work there.”

“Hold please.”



“Um, hello?”

“Hold Please”



“Karida? What?”

“Hold please.”


“Karida speaking”

“Oh my god, that was so hard. So. Hard.”

“Yeah, there is a new receptionist. What’s up?”

“Please go into my e mail and find this address for me.”

“OK! Here it is.”

“You are a remarkable person.”

9:30 AM

Walka walka walka walka, oh wait I’m going the wrong direction, walka walka walka walka….

9:45 AM

Um…Huh. This meeting ends at 10, and I’m still about 6 blocks away. I think I officially missed the meeting.

“Taxi! Take me to my office please.”

And that is how I spent my morning!




Matthew said...

That sounds horribly shitty. Well, I'm sure you took some kind of lesson away from this...although you couldn't have predicted the website wouldn't work from our house. Dammit, there must be lesson here somewhere!

Karen said...

I think the lesson here is to always turn your personal tragedies into hilarious bridget jones-esque blog posts.

Karida said...

um, just so you know....for the future and's not

just putting that out there.

but feel free to continue making me laugh with wacky escapades.

Libby said...

Yeah, I have since found this out.