Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Series of Tubes

AAAAAhahaha! Check it out. The Tubey Sweater!

Remember that time I finished a project?

And, it has a back. That's right, a front and a back. And...sleeves. Just try and argue with those stripes.

So I finished this puppy about 10 minutes ago, and I couldn't wait 'til morning to post about it. As a result of le drunk evening photography, those bright candy colors aren't really showing up. But trust me, they're bright. I need to block it. And I need to weave in some ends...maybe about a hundred ends...

But whatever, no one has to see her guts. (Except I just put them on the internet. Shut up, jerks, I'm drunk!!!) Anyway, one thing I don't have to worry about is seaming. NO SEAMS. That is freaking right, no seams.

In celebration, here's Sister attacking the camera strap.

OK, I am watching the news and apparently there is some sort of device that attaches to your baby's car seat and, somehow, alerts you if you walk away from the car and leave your baby.
I don't mean to be an asshole, because I know no one would ever intentionally leave their baby in the car...but seriously. Seriously. I just don't understand how people leave their babies in the car. Maybe it is because I am a little...ahem...anal retentive. But I sure do check on the cat about 16 times a day, and make sure the coffee pot is off before I leave the house, and, you know. I just check on things all the time because I am always poised for disaster to strike. I pretty much quadruple check all security and safety procedures. Maybe people with babies are really stressed out and don't have time to quadruple check stuff.

I bet when I have a baby, I will quadruple check to make sure the windows are shut and the coffee pot is off and the cat is fed and the lint trap is cleaned out. Then I will march purposefully out the door and (because I will be a Designing Woman when I grow up), the camera will pan to my confused baby, hanging by its little foot (encased in a precious hand knit sock) from a slowly turning ceiling fan. The cat will be batting at it.

Did I mention I finished Tubey?

Later alligator,


micah said...

so the goal of this knitting thing is to mke usefull stuff? not just piles of "projects"? Man! That's where I went wrong.

Very Cool!

Karen said...

If you're leaving your baby stuck on the ceiling fan, I don't know if the baby alarm can help you.

Tubey looks great!

Anonymous said...

that sweater would look really good on YER MOM!