Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just a little knitting


I wish I had something exciting and new to report. I've just been plugging away at the puff sleeved cardigan. Here she is, all squished onto a 24" needle:
Hi, I'm the world's worst picture-taker. I love love love this yarn! It's dyed by Karida, of course, of Neighborhood Fiber Co, and it's the greenest yarn ever. If I had to name the color, i would call it Greeny Green. I tried to take a close-up picture so you could see all the stitches and the color, but it came out like this:
Oh well. I'm about 25 rows away from separating the sleeves. When that happens....look out!! I'll be trying this sucker on and taking more bathroom mirror pictures, you can be sure of that!
I'm excited to wear this sweater for the first half of know, when you can get away with wearing a short sleeved sweater. Hell, I'm excited for fall in general. You're totally right in what you said the other day...I don't think I've seen either of us so excited for a summer to end in our lives! I'm excited because I keep thinking of all the stuff you get to do in the fall. There's crunching leaves, pumpkin carving, cooking squashy/eggplanty things, and hot apple cider. There's also getting away with no coat, but wearing all sorts of things you knitted yourself.
Back when we lived together, I think fall was my favorite time of year. We were always so re-invigorated by the cooler temperatures and the start of school. Fall used to be when we'd do stuff as a house, like go to the corn maze or the pumpkin festival or just put in the soundtrack to Big Night and cook a big meal. I like to think that when we're old and living on our alpaca farm/bee colony/commune, that's what we'll get to do again.
The high today is 75. Hello Fall!

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Libby said...

Hooray for fallllll! your cardigan looks great. Greeny green!