Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Baby

Well, get ready, because fall is here. Fantastic. This summer was BALLS.

Fall means a new season and, in many traditions, a new year. I am going to really take that to heart this year, because I am ready to embrace that new beginning thing.

Since Honey died, Sister has been dividing her time between meowing around the perimeter of the apartment at the top of her lungs, following us around so closely that we are tripping over her, and sitting around looking sad.

See? Matt says I may be projecting imagined emotions onto the cat, but tell me that doesn't look like a sad cat to you. Right, it's a sad cat. It's also a cat who was keeping us awake all night meowing, and worrying us with her need for extra attention. It was undeniable that Sister needed a friend.

I wasn't ready. I was so sad and a part of me was convinced that if I got a new cat, somehow Honey would know, and would feel replaced, unimportant in my heart, even forgotten. But my living kitty was sad and lonesome, and was also really making my life harder by waking me up multiple times a night. So I bucked up, and we brung home a new baby.

Everyone, meet Lucky Lucille. How do you do?

Lucky Lucille is 6 months old. On 07/07/07, Tammy the cat mama stepped out her front door and heard a tiny little meow. She called for the cat, thinking it was one of hers, and a kitten jumped out of the bushes and trotted up the steps and right into the house. Tammy named her Lucky Lucille because she was found on lucky triple seven.

Tammy takes in lots of strays, and she takes them to the vet and finds homes for them because she is a good lady. Now, Brax knows this already because her little Freddie came from Tammy's collection too. Lucky cats to have Tammy, taking in the strays and getting them healthy and placing them in good homes! Lucky us too, because Tammy loves Lucy, and she loves us. So when we lost Honey, she offered Lucy to us, and we accepted.

Even though I had all those conflicting feelings, and I am still very sad about Honey, I also knew that once I had a new cat, I would love it. We love Lucky Lucille! She is very silly and snuggly, and she purrs pretty much whenever you touch her. She is still a kitten, so she plays a lot. Her balance isn't very good yet, and she falls off the back of the couch pretty frequently. She is a new beginning! A snuggly fuzzy baby new beginning.

Look at her crazy fur! I think she looks like a Frankencat. You can't see it too well in these pictures, but she looks like Sister if Sister lived in a coal mine. Like, you can see orange tabby, even some stripes, but it's like there are patches of gray on top of it. Frankencat!

The first meeting was tense...

But they are already getting along much better, and I think they'll be good friends in no time.

Happy Fall! Happy New Year. May it be full of fuzzy baby new beginnings.


elliebell said...

oh yeah, Lucky Lucille looks awesome! Can't wait to meet her! Welcome to your new home, Cap Hill and DC. Stanley and Buddy say MEOW!

Karen said...

She is adorable!! I can't wait until she keeps me up all night when I come visit.