Friday, July 20, 2007



First things first: Topher's birthday was amazing. (Micah, I am sorry, but I don't have any photos yet. As usual, I was too busy having fun to take pictures. I know 3 people who took pictures, and as soon as they share them with me, I will put them on the internet.) We really know how to rock a pool party at a mansion!

Husband and I are having a relaxing week on the farm. Yesterday we took Blanche to Cincinnati, where she was very popular with the youngsters. Also, the other day we got attacked by a chicken because Blanche got too close to her babies. That chicken is a maniac, she chased us halfway down the hill. Stupid dog.

I have been visiting my Grandpa every day. Some days he is ok--he can get up and walk around a little, and sit up and make jokes. There have been two days where it was painful to watch him struggling to breathe and move. He keeps saying things that indicate that he doesn't plan on being here much longer--"it'll be a hard year, baby, but you all will be ok," and "I love this place, I am glad I got to be here as long as I did. I wish I could be here longer," and "It'll be ok. everybody's got to go there one day."

I do not know how to respond when he says these things. Partially because I am still in denial about it, and partially because I am frightened, and when I search for a response to a comment like that, I just come up totally dry. Time is so limited with him, and I always feel like I'll say the wrong thing, so I just tell him about what we did that day, and give him the farm news--how many chicks have hatched, if the cat caught a bird, if the calves did something cute. I think he likes that, because he just hates that he can't farm anymore. I also offer to make him martinis. I know he can't really drink them anymore but he thinks it's funny when I offer--like everything is normal. I guess we will get through it.

Right, that is sad.
So let's talk about the plans for tonight.

I will see you at 8ish. We will leave here and drive to Cincinnati. we will have a fabulous meal. At roughly 11:00, we will leave the restaurant and head over to our favorite local bookstore, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, where we will observe the kids all dressed up in their wizard outfits, eating chocolate frogs. (The bookstore is even having a memorial service for Dumbledore, but we will miss that, we'll be at dinner.) We'll get in the line, and we will present out vouchers.

My mother purchased 6 of these vouchers the day they went on sale. I am looking at them now. They are just ripe with promise.

We will present the vouchers and they will hand us....the book. Oh my god.

I am really nervous about spoilers. I am worried that someone will get their book, read the last page real fast, and scream to the crowd, "Harry marries the Giant Squid!" Some people are real assholes like that. This kind of behavior is especially assholish when you consider that HP is first and formost a childrens' book. Dammit! Don't ruin this for the kids!

There is such a unique feeling of importance and love wrapped up in this release--we have been waiting to see how this story ends for years and years. Especially kids--a lot of them have grown up with Harry, and it feels like they've been waiting their whole life. I have personally been waiting for 8 years. When was the last time you waited to see how your favorite book ended for 8 whole years? Right, and you never will again.

I am ready, though. I am ready to know how it ends. And I don't think Harry will die. Snape will die.

See you tonight!

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