Friday, July 6, 2007

The Fourth


I know all about the Metro Problem in D.C. Last time I was there, I went to a conference. And coming home from the conference was the biggest pain in the ass, because no one knew about the stand to the right rule. At one point, as I was rocketing my way down the escalator to catch a train, I stopped and explained the rule to this group of businessmen who were lounging about on the left side with their popped-up collars. I felt so awesome, like a real D.C. person! And then, my metrocard didn't work for some reason. Yep, still just a jerk from Ohio who can't work a metrocard.

On Tuesday, I decided to celebrate our nation's independance by driving down to Columbus. I braved the fireworks downtown and met up with our marvelous friend Tome, who was catching his plane back to L.A. the very next day. I met him and Josh at a hotel room at the Crown Plaza (SO not fabulous), where I presented him with his birthday present, a bottle of wine. Things went kind of south from there, and the following pictures were on my camera the next morning:

Ahhhh, glass of wine posed on the bedside table. Josh in background, reading the Columbus visitor's guidebook provided in the room. It's pictured below:
Bruce, I tell ya. It took me hours to figure out why they pictured columbus as having a ferris wheel. In fact, it's a picture of the State Fair. Oh my! What in god's name is this creepy thing??

My best guess is that it's a picture of a page from the guide book.

And finally, someone snuck this picture of me. I call it "Contemplative Wino."
The next morning, we all watched Mythbusters in the hotel room and then went to First Watch (I know the face you're making right now!), and then Tome had to leave. I wish I saw that awesome dude more often. Josh and I saw Paris je t'aime, which was really sweet, and also the first movie I've seen in the movie theater in about a year.
Whew! When I got home, I worked on this baby blanket I'm making. It's for my future baby! Ha ha!!!! Just kidding, it's for a baby shower I'm going to at the end of the month. Here it is, draped over my couch and poorly lit:

And here it is, all spread out on the floor. And poorly lit. It's bigger than it looks. I'm making it out of a cone of peaches and cream cotton (classy!). It's yet another Argosy pattern...I'm obsessed! It's just so relaxing to knit, and it's one of those patterns that's really easy but looks impressive to the non-knitter.

I love having days off in the middle of the week. It's pretty sweet. And I also know you'll find a job soon. You are awesome and you'll get a job where they appreciate that. In the meantime, keep enjoying unemployment. I know I always did!

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Libby said...

That Columbus tourist book is awesome. Do you think they have the Goody House in there?
It looks like you guys had so much fun in the hotel...wish I had been there.