Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer break!

So the period between losing my old job and starting my new job has been like summer break! And I got a little bit of severance pay, so it is sort of like a paid vacation to my house. Sweet! OK, I sort of feel like a bum. But whatever.

I've been keeping myself busy, the main problem is that I keep sleeping later and later in the day. Sort of counterproductive to my goal of revolutionizing my sleep schedule so that it's more like the sleep schedule of the rest of the world. Hey body clock! Stop fucking around!!! I am just biologically programmed to sleep from 2 AM-10:30 AM. Stupid world, hemming me in, forcing me to bully my body into artificial timetables.

Anyway, the Cashmere Rulz Scarf!

That sucker is really coming along. Here is a half-assed close up.
Man, I'm terrible at taking pictures. Anyway, you can sort of see the leaf pattern here, which is much more obvious in real life, in will be ten times more so when it is blocked. I am very pleased with it.

And the ol' blanket?

Another day, another square! I am really enjoying this project, here are the reasons why:

A) I get to knit something in 12 beautiful colors of 1824 wool. Damn almighty, I love 1824 wool. Love you, Mission Falls! This project, in fact, grew out of my madwoman need to buy balls of 1824 wool all the time, just because I liked the colors so much I couldn't resist. So I love having this reason to indulge my every 1824 wool whim.

B) I get to knit as many fun stitch patterns out of the Walker Treasury as I want, and nothing takes very long, so I can rip it out if I don't like it, or just finish up and switch to a new square, new yarn, new pattern. Essentially, this project is knitting playtime.

C) Very portable, and absolutely no pressure. The Cashmere Rulz Scarf is pressure. That yarn was so expensive! What if I screw it up?! It is a gift, so it must be perfect! Not so with the blanket--cheap, machine washable, gorgeous yarn, just for me to play with. Trust me, I can live with a mistake here and there.

The Harry Potter movie was fantastic! Now I am totally stoked to get the new book. Snape! What is your secret? You are so unreadable. Mirror! Can you reach Sirius beyond the veil? Harry! Do you have a horcrux on your head? I don't think so, but one can never be sure.

So do you want to grab some dinner friday night? Hah! Can't wait!


Karen said...

Dinner! It's a date.

Matthew said...

Actually that close-up picture is very nicely done. p & p.