Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Honey is one the prowl...

July 4th! Can I tell you a little secret? I sort of hate July 4th. Fireworks are lame, and stupid kids are always setting them off and blowing each other's fingers off and stuff. Hundreds of thousands of people swarm into DC, and none of them know how to stand to the right on the Metro. (See previous post.) My plans for the morning were postponed, so I've had a pretty lazy day. I guess later I will go watch the stupid fireworks.

So unemployment is totally agreeing with me. I cleaned out the closet! Cleaned out the dresser! I have come up with a huge bag of stuff for charity, and also a huge bag of stuff to throw away. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than getting rid of stuff. So I've been getting plenty of rest, reading books, and organizing my life.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, Knitting! Remember how sad I was that I didn't have time to knit? Well, unemployment can really change a girl's tune.

I worked on my Barbara Walker blanket. I am up to 4 squares now. Here is my favorite:

It is hard to capture the pumpkiny goodness, but trust me, that orange really floats my boat.

I spent this morning in a fluffy pink cloud of goat belly-hair!

Artyarns Cashmere 2. Oh, it's gorgeous. So nice. So pretty.

With the help of the Barbara Walker treasury (best 30 bucks I ever spent), I am turning this cashmere into a lace scarf. The pattern is called Drooping Elm Leaf. And do you want to know the funniest coincidence? I just went to the Walker Treasury Project to see if they had an example of it, and they just posted it today. Now is that spooky or what? I am honestly a little creeped out.

The only thing that I don't adore about the First Walker Treasury is that she doesn't chart. Come on, Barb!! I am just not willing to believe that Barbara Walker doesn't know about the superiority of charts. There must be some super smart Barbara Walker reason for writing all those patterns out, and I'm just not wise enough to get it.

Anyway, I charted out the lace pattern, because damn, I hate following written-out patterns. It was the first time I'd ever written out a chart! It was actually really easy, and now I can just glide right along on my scarf.

I'm really excited about all this knitting, cat petting, and closet cleaning. I know, you can't be unemployed forever. I am sure I will get bored soon, not to mention broke, so I am looking for jobs. Not nearly as hard as I should be, but I am looking. When I get one you'll be the first to know!



micah said...

unemployment sounds sweet. I like my job though so I'm going to keep at it.

I forgot to bring shoes today! Thank god I had some sneakers here or I'd be wearing bike shoes all day!

Karen said...

Funny Bear! What's he doing? Is Matt wearing his scary coat again?

Matthew said...

You even had time to paint your nails! That's just nuts.