Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dork Out


I just thought I would show my true colors here for a second. I don't want to freak you out or anything, but...2 days!!!!! Two days before the last-ever Harry Potter book comes out. Two days until we will have all the answers. By this time next week, we will KNOW!

I'm probably more excited than I will ever be again for a book, but it's also really bittersweet. There will never be another time where a bunch of us go out for a fancy dinner, toast to Harry Potter, the boy who lived, and then pick up our books at the bookstore at midnight. No more drinking coffee all morning, discussing who we think will die in the next book, or whether Snape is good or bad, or whether Harry is a horcrux. No more lording it over our friends that we know the most about the books because we've each read them more than anyone else.

I know I'm totally outing us as huge gigantic Harry Potter nerds, and I'm sorry, but I will really miss it. I will miss the anticipation of more books, and the speculation on how it all ends. But then again, I'm dying to know.

Two days. See you at dinner!


p.s. Harry Lives!

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micah said...

there are people who can't read so harry potter books are better than not reading at all.

Hey where's the fun photo's from the trip?