Monday, February 4, 2008

Whoa Man!

Warning: this blog post contains close-ups of feet and other disturbing images.

Hey Bruce!! Sorry about the unintentional blogging hiatus. My computer at home totally crapped out on me, so things have been hard. I think I've also been letting the crappy weather get the best of me. But no more!

In knitting news, I joined Karida's sock club! I know, right? Me, a sock knitter. Well, despite my gague issues, I find it quite relaxing! I'm almost done with my 1st sock out of the January color!The pattern is called "Monkey" from Knitty a few issues back. Man! The color is beautiful. I wish my crappy pictures could do it justice, but hey! It's hard to take a picture of your own foot using a cell phone camera. Here's a closeup:

So! That's pretty much what I did with my weekend. That and watch Heroes. I'm totally addicted to that show now! But I'm only on the 1st season, so no one tell me what happens!

I also did find time to bake some of that bread that Micah's been goading me into making:
It's delicious! I ate way too much of it yesterday.

So, that's what I did this past weekend. I also bought that new Pipettes CD, and it is Changing My Life. I've listened to it at least twice a day since it came in the mail!

You know, while I'm here, I'd like to slip in a small "gets my goat" segment.
He's just a little guy!
I went into Target on, like, January 2nd. I just wanted to buy a black cardigan because I had left mine somewhere. Instead of finding the women's section filled with sweaters and pants and jackets as per usual......

Holy Bermuda Shorts, Batman!!!! Yes, it is swimsuit time once again. Right after New Year's, before the last glittering piece of confetti has even hit the ground, Target rushes out their selection of Spring Breakwear: teeny tiny junior's sized swimsuits, coverups, and band-aid sized shorts dominate the women's clothing section! I did find some long-sleeved and -panted items, all crammed together on the clearance rack. However, it was obvious they hadn't placed an order for winter clothes in some time, because everything was either a size 2 or 22. (I fall somewhere in the middle, just fyi)

All I can say is, this kind of irresponsible marketing is exactly what leads to millions of 15 year old girls dressed inappropriately for the weather. The next time you see some teenager walking down the street wearing flip flops and a sundress and no coat in February, you have Target to blame!

Be sure to check back this weekend for Brax and Bruce: live from Amish country!



micah said...

the bread looks awesome! I'm back on the jogging so I can continue to eat lots of it!

And it's "cruise season" ...that's why you see all that stuff now. 'cruise-ware'

Matthew said...

Oh, Karen, your complaint leads to the old debate: Do the capitalists merely respond to demand, or do they shape the demand? Which leads to another well-worn cliche: it's a little bit of both.