Monday, February 4, 2008


So glad you're back from your blog hiatus! I was feelin' mighty lonesome. I felt like I was, as my mother would say, talkin' into the void. (As in, "Don't do ________ because if you ______ then _______will happen! Do you hear me? If you __________then ________ will happen. If you....I'm just talkin' into the void.")

Anyway, the weather in DC has been awesome, and this morning you'll never guess what we saw...

Nature's beauty in the urban landscape! Check the birdies in the tree. They're heading north, and today when I left work it was still light outside. Spring, I knew you'd come back!


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micah said...

you know, 2 deays in a row now people have seen rainbows here that I toatlly coudn't see. It's got to be because you guys are ont eh other side of town.

and dang, look at all that light! I'm leaving way too early.

I head it's going to be cold agian this weekend - good bread making weather.