Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snowwwwwww....

I am very tired of all this "weather." February is probably the worst month....even though it's the shortest, it always feels like 3 regular months! I think it's because you know that next month, it will at least start to feel somewhat springlike. But in February, there's no hope for that. Not in Northwest Ohio, anyway.
So yeah! Yesterday, while I kept hearing all about how it was 70 degrees in D.C., a silent menace crept up on me while I was inside working.....SNOW!!!!!!! Curse you snow!!!!!!! I had to actually clean off my car before leaving work! Usually I only have to do that in the mornings. Here's the view from leaving work:
Yes, I work right across the street from a Family Dollar. It's pretty amazing from an "awesome deals" point of view. However, I don't know if I want to be giving directions that go "we're right across the street from the Family Dollar" for the rest of my professional career.
Here's the view from my street.
As you can see, the roads were not too bad. I think the temperature was right around freezing, so the salt worked like a charm, turning all that white powder into a grayish mush.

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get home and put on some jammies and snug with some cats. Winter weather really takes all my energy chi just can't flow right, you know? I finished one sock!!!!! First sock ever:
(Fred is totally not interested in the sock. Apparently there's a bird outside or a strong gust of wind or something.) Sorry these pictures are all so bad, especially the sock picture. Someday I'll invest in a new camera and maybe a computer to put the pictures on.
Ok! So! I bought some boots! They are fancy zip-up motorcycle boots from Candie's. Before you think I blew my load on some boots right before spring, let me tell you....I got them for $23, marked down from about $80!!!!! That is some amazing deal right there. I literally couldn't afford NOT to buy them. And they will come in handy when we're tramping around Amish Country this weekend. Bring your camera, or else I'll be taking all the pictures with my cell phone!
Edited to say: the sock is in fact blue! Please reference my previous post for more accurate sock color information.


Libby said...

Nice work on the sock! In your last post it looked blue, but in this one it looks green. What color is it?!!

Nice deal on the boots, you definitely couldn't afford to pass that kind of deal up. Plus, this weekend will definitely be boot weather.

micah said...

Dude! That's great! I love snow.

I will say that if I saw you go past me with all that snow on your windsheild I'd comment.

Good shopping! That's a good buy.