Saturday, February 16, 2008



It's a beautiful day! I am intending to have a quiet weekend, with lots of knitting and resting and getting rid of this stupid super-cold. Apparently I've contracted a monster doom cold which cannot be vanquished by traditional means. Instead, it burrows deep into the bones and nasal passages and makes its victim slightly uncomfortable and congested for weeks at a time, then surges to actual, stay-home-from-work sickness whenever you think you've finally beaten it. Hate and rage! I'm waging all out war on it right now, with OJ and zinc lozenges and echinacea and lots of rest and scarves.

As I wage my battle against the virus, I've been watching a lot of old horror movies. First we watched Nosferatu (which, btw, is available to watch instantly on Netflix. So one could watch it right this minute, if one had the time and a Netflix subscription).

Talk about creepy.

Everyone should watch this movie. It's really creepy and beautifully done. It's sort of remarkable to watch the artistry in Nosferatu, when you think of the advanced technology used today to create such monumental blights as Hostel and that remake of House of Wax starring Paris freaking Hilton. I don't really know anything about movies, but as far as I can tell this was just a very artistic director with some good actors and, like, the first video camera ever made.

Then last night we had a Vincent Price film festival! We watched the House on Haunted Hill and The Tingler. We've got the ORIGINAL House of Wax coming from Netflix, as well. Oh man, The Tingler is so awesome. Don't be embarrassed to scream! I would love to go to a showing in the theater--with Percepto! It's the most shocking, revolutionary thriller technology which enables the viewer to experience, actually experience, the thrill of the Tingler.

I also love House on Haunted Hill, but more in a kitschy way than in a "great movie" way.

So in short, I'm about to become obsessed with old horror movies and buy everything with Vincent Price's name on it. I encourage you to accompany me on this terrifying journey.


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Karen said...

Looks pretty intense. Whatever happened to the days when they would make theater seats vibrate in the middle of a movie to freak you out?