Friday, December 7, 2007

Gets My Goat!


I decided to get sushi today at lunch. Such a big mistake! Last time I ordered from them, they gave me a california roll instead of a spicy tuna roll in my vegetable tempura lunchbox. I asked the guy at the bar to double check everything, and he said that yes, indeed, this time they had gotten it right. Spicy tuna roll! Totally in there!

It was in there all right. I guess they decided to go crazy with the tempora-ization of my food. This sushi is fucking DEEP FRIED. mmmmm, seaweed, raw tuna, and rice.....deep fried! Sounds delicious, right?
Seriously, what the fuck. Sakura, on Monroe street in crappy crapville Toledo Ohio, you are dead to me.
They also forgot the wasabi. Which would have been a problem, I guess, if they had not deep fried my sushi and rendered it inedible.


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Libby said...

aw, dude! nothing is worse than a crappy lunch, that you went out into the winter weather for and paid dollars for.

you can take comfort in the fact that you told the internet about that restaurant. It is the best revenge.