Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday, celebrate

Hi Brax, hi Gentle Readers,

Merry Christmas! I hope you're all enjoying your holiday season.
I sure am. Favorite present? FANCY NEW CAMERA. Y'all are going to be seeing some niiiiice pictures of my cats doing cute stuff from here on out.

So in honor of the holiday, here is an easy holiday craft. Wrapping paper!
You will need:
Tacky Glue
Some wood blocks
Foamies brand craft foam sheets (you can get this at the craft store)
Plain brown package wrapping paper--they have this at Target, apparently. I think the Scotch company makes it.

Draw shapes on the foam. I can't draw. The ol' ball and chain drew the shapes, he is good at that. He also cut them out, I'm real bad at cutting too. If you don't have an artistic type handy, you could also cut a shape out of a magazine or somethind and trace it.

So draw your shapes on the foam sheets, and then cut them out and use the tacky glue to stick them to the wood blocks. Guess what you have then? Stamps!

I am pretty sure you smart, crafty folks can see where this is going.

Take a little paint, and you know, put it on the stamp and then smack it onto a freshly wrapped gift...

The plain brown paper can stand up pretty well to the paint, it didn't bleed through at all.
Delightful. This was honestly a really fun way to spend an afternoon, and the recipiants of these cleverly packaged gifts tried real hard not to tear the paper.

Brax--see you new years eve!



micah said...

You and Meatman are some crafty SOB's. I'm impressed!

Karen said...

Nice! I'm SO looking forward to this weekend, you don't even know!

Matthew said...

That star was free hand. I still can't believe that. I mean, I've been impressed with myself before, but this one takes the cake.