Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Everybody funny, you funny too.

braxie: la la la, taking quizzes online.

I just took the personality disorder quiz, and it's a lot different from when I took it 5 years ago.

Back then, the results said I tended more toward histrionic, which is attention seeking, and ocd.

Now, it's an odd mix of avoidant and schizoid, of all things.

I think I accidentally answered some of the questions wrong or something.

me: huh

is it that really long one?

braxie: it's not very long.

(obviously, it's very scientific)

me: I don't think this is a very good test

I haven't finished it yet but I am not sure it's going to diagnose me correctly

braxie: yeah. I mean, the 2 things it said I had were basically mutually exclusive to one another.

me: ok, calculating results

it says I have a high risk for obsessive compulsive

that's weird

braxie: hmmmm

I don't see that at all. Well, I don't think I'm a schizoid personality, either, and it rated me as "high" for that.



it said moderate for histrionic

braxie: ha ha! you have an excessive devotion to work!

oooooh, work, I looooove you!!!!

me: which I think is really weird because just reading about the symptoms of that got on my nerves


yeah, that's me alright!!! (note: I like how the internet accused me of having an excessive devotion to work when I was taking internet psychiatric quizzes at work)

braxie: Mostly, mine was telling me I avoid social situations.

me: ok, NONE of this is me

this test is dumb

braxie: yeah. We need to find another psychiatric quiz to take.

me: I am starting to think I might be at risk for generalized anxiety disorder

braxie: Hmmm, me too.

I've been sort of thinking about it for awhile now.

Oh no!

me: haha, what if we got really, REALLY anxious about having anxiety disorder?

braxie: What if we are both .....what's that word? Fat Josh said it?

me: enablers?

braxie: yeah!

me: hahahah!

braxie: We're enabling each other, like on that show.

We really do talk like this every day:

"Oh man, I hate work. I hate people. Life is hard. I want to put on my pajamas."

Me: we talk to each other and convince each other we're normal!


adam said...
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Anonymous said...

gee i wonder what THAT said