Monday, December 3, 2007

Another day older and deeper in debt

Spruce Moose,
This post can alternately be called "You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older."

Thanks for the birthday wishes! We're the only ones who get the Gene Kelly one, I know it! My birthday was pretty low-key. By low-key, I mean I didn't really do anything for it yet. At work, I got a bunch of Godiva chocolates in the mail from my boss (she works far away). Sweet!!! Everyone else thought they were from some lover, who they keep teasing me about. Bruce, this is endlessly annoying as I have not taken a lover in quite some time.

After work, I decided to get my oil changed because I had been planning on driving to Columbus over the weekend. During my $15 oil change, the technician noticed that my front left wheel shaking back and forth when it should have been motionless? I ended up needing a tire rod because it was quickly rusting through. The oil change, tire rod, and subsequent wheel alignment set me back $300. Gahahahahhhh!!!!!!! That is what I said inside my head. I ended up enjoying 3/4 of a bottle of wine that I bought at the wine store down the street from the mechanic's.

I decided to celebrate my birthday that weekend. I did try to go to Columbus on Saturday night, but there was this crazy winter storm thing going on!! I tried to valiantly brave the snow in the hopes that it would clear up the further south I drove. It totally did! The snow became freezing rain and the roads became a giant sheet of ice. At one point, I braked very very very slowly, tap-tap-tap, and I slid uncontrollably to the right onto the shoulder. After I slowly slid myself back onto the road, I decided it was not worth it and got off at the next exit to pull through Burger King and turn around.

My birthday: 2 hours, $300 spent on car repair

My birthday (observed): 1.5 hours spent driving 15 miles to go to Burger King in Perrysburg, OH and back.

I know this post is totally whiney, but I wanted to state here and now that next year, I will totally have an excellent birthday. I will hang out with you and all my excellent friends, and I will not, NOT get drunk on red wine while watching TV for the third year in a row. I feel like someday in the future, you and I will be sitting around at some happy hour in the same city, laughing about the comically bad times we had that one time we lived apart.

Best day ever!

Love, Brax

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Libby said...

Brax, next year on your birthday, I promise I will buy you the fanciest dinner and then we will destroy the whole town. Awesomely.