Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good Times.

Hey Bruce!

I went to Columbus again this weekend. It was a short, moustache and muscle-filled trip. Saturday night, I went over to Emily and Dave's place. Emily had prepared for the usual Saturday night shenanagans by stocking her home with booze, hiding the valuables, and stopping by the party store for....
Novelty moustaches! Let me tell you, they tickled. And got in your drink. I don't know how my dad puts up with it. L-R: Me, Emily, Jessica. I've got a Hercule Poirot thing going on with my moustache. I think I got drunk and kept telling everyone, too.

Another good reason for me to be in town was that it was COlumbus day. That means (for some), it was a 3 day weekend, allowing other out of towners like our buddy Nick to be there!
Everyone who isn't Bruce, Nick was our roommate in college. He has since moved on to bigger and better things in Chicago, but he still likes to "slum it" sometimes. He can't resist us.
Libby's cousin was there too!! Topher just moved to Columbus a little bit ago. He's 21, so when the party started winding down at about 11:30, he got real irritated. But he still loves his elders.

Here's Nick and Katie. Katie just got in a street fight last week. For real, you should see the other guy.

Katie would probably murder me if I show everyone her messed up face without showing everyone her pretty face. This is what she normally looks like, everybody:

So that's pretty much it! I also went to a Chippendale's show with our old buddy Tyler! She is moving to Phoenix with her boyfriend, and this was her 2nd to last hurrah. Chippendales' was surprisingly tame. My favorite part was the choreographed dance numbers. Like when they all came out in firemen's uniforms and danced to "Hero" by Mariah Carey. It was pretty magical.
So...I'm not doing anything this weekend. Want to go to Seattle?


Libby said...

man, I sure am homesick.

Knoobie Knitter said...

Hi Karen!!! LOVE the mustache! Your friend, Katie, looks pretty good considering what she's been through...poor baby.

Is it okay if I add your blog to the InsanKnitty blogroll? Will we see ya there tomorrow night?