Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn fun


The last time we talked was Friday afternoon, and I was telling you about how I saw spots and fell over (fortunate chair placement) at work and had to leave early. Balls! I spent Friday night all feverish, laying on the couch in my polar bear pajamas hollering to Matt that my skin hurt and could he please peel me a grape?

Saturday was similar, except my skin stopped hurting when my fever broke late Friday night. Today I feel slightly weak, and other than that, fine. What the hell was that? A 36 hour skin-hurtin-tummy-achin-fallin-over-fever? Real nice.

Anyway, I was real worried that I'd be sick and have to cancel my Sunday plans. I was so excited about Sunday! And fortunately, I was feeling much better today, and was able to go to....The CORN MAZE!

An organic corn maze, no less. We had a great time. Day in the country!

Meghan and Matt, lost in the maze, foraging for food.

Partay in the corn!

Wait...what's that I'm wearing? Could it be.....? A BY-GOD CENTRAL PARK HOODIE?

That is right. That's what it is. She is D-U-N dun.

Hooray!! This sweater=awesometown, USA. I'm wearing it right now. Warm! Soft! Karabella Soft Tweed, you are wonderful. I am totally satisfied with this project, and yes, there is ONE little cable that twists the wrong way. But hey, who said I was a perfectionist? I'm warmer than all y'all!

What else did Matt, Meghan, Central Park Hoodie and I do in the country today?

Graves. It was a pretty old cemetery. We had a nice walk and looked at all the names. Apparently Gambrills, MD is just by-God owned by the Baldwins. Those people take up half the cemetery! According to a sign I saw, great great granddaddy Baldwin was the pastor of the Methodist church there for 70 years. 70 years! And I guess he had a bunch of babies, because you couldn't take 2 steps without tripping over a Baldwin. It reminded me of Ross. I love walking around old small town graveyards and seeing the family names...where a Baldwin married a Cook or where someone died young or old, or was a veteran. We saw the grave of a 2 year old who died in 1922, and there were fresh flowers on it. And isn't that nice that someone is keeping up that baby's grave 85 years later?

This lady, Dallas Higgins, lived a LONG time. 110 years! Imagine all the stuff she saw.

Big day in the country! Hot cider! Sweaters! Get ready, because in a few weeks here the holidays are going to punch you in the head.



micah said...

wow man, that looks like fun! You guys ready for Halloween? Did you get pumpkins and stuff? If the maze was really long, you could have had sore feet. hmmm, how's those candy corns?

Fly hoodie b the way!!! I'm jealous! Ive got to get busy.

Karen said...

Apparently, the Baldwins are to Gambrills what the Guenthers and Youngs are to Ross.
That Central Park Hoodie looks awesome town!!!

barb said...

The Youngs have been here since Charles(3 generations),the Guenthers have been here since Andrew (5 generations), but neither compares to the Browns or the Demorets(917 generations give or take). I can't believe you knitted that hoodie. It's beautiful. It's hard to believe you're flesh of my flesh.

Anonymous said...

The hoody looks dope!