Saturday, July 26, 2008

quickie post

I'm in a hurry here because I'm about to go to lunch with KT and she's going to show up at my house and I'll be sitting on the couch in my Harry Potter boxers and this tank top which I only wear for pajamas because it is the nip slip tank top. She'll be all pissed at me for delaying the train to sandwich town.

SO here is what I wanted to share:

1) I hate the stupid Olympics. Preempt all my shows so I can watch some 19 year old swim laps? COME ON. I get it, people are into it, and whatever floats your boat. But I don't try and force everyone to get into cable knitting, do I? I don't put cable knitting on a Coke can and give it a theme song and try and make it seem real majestic. Nope.

2) I love Barack Obama. I also love this website which makes fun of people who love Barack Obama.

3) Check out this cuteness.

That's love, people.


1 comment:

Cabbage said...

Holy cute cat, batman! Stickleg cats are the best!