Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brax Attack!


I'm back baby. Thank god your husband let me borrow his dad's laptop. This laptop is eerily similar to my old, totally dead one. Except it's big and beefy and designed for, say, an architect to take to a building site. Here is a brief description of my computer saga:

My old faithful Dell lappy just stopped working! I went to turn it on one day, and it just made a noise and showed some stuff on the screen. I decided the best course of action would be to turn it off and put it in my closet for awhile. Once it became clear that I needed a computer, I passed it on to Libby's cousin Topher to fix, because he's a whiz kid with computers. But to no avail! Apparently, the motherboard is shot, or maybe the hard drive. Something big.

So then, my Dad was generous enough to allow me to use his laptop. But when I got it, it ran super slow and wouldn't open programs and stuff. Oh no!!! I decided to try running a virus scan program, and it said something like, "There are 380 bad things on this computer." And then the virus scan guy shut down. I gave that one to Topher as well, and he's taking his sweet time reformatting it.

There you go, that is my official laptop saga. If this one breaks down I will just give up and live in a cabin on a lake somewhere. You might all be asking yourselves, "Why doesn't Kbrax just use her work computer to blog like she used to??" Well, that would be because I QUIT MY JOB!!! That's right! I quit my job and moved to Columbus, and I'm not lookin' back. At first, I couldn't find a job at all, and I was starting to question this whole "quitting your job without another one lined up" thing. But as depressing as it is to not have a job, it's way more depressing to be isolated in Toledo, OH with no friends. Now, I get to see all my buddies all the time! I even live in the same neighborhood as Bruce and Topher and his roommate Juan, so I'm very much happier now. Being unemployed has also allowed me to work hard on the "Bruce and Brax Super Secret Project to be unveiled in August!" I've also started on the Ramona sweater from Sensual Knits, by Jared Flood. I want to make every sweater in this book you guys!!
Here it is:

I'm making it out of Cascade Heather 220 in color "Turtle." You can't tell from the picture, but it's a really nice heather greeny green color.

Okay, I've gotta get back to super secret project work, so Braxie Out.

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