Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Duuuuuude, Brax.

How are things? Things are pretty solid over here, lots of important news to report. For one thing, I am nearing the end of A Week With No TV. Last Wednesday, I was home alone all evening with a bunch of stuff I could be doing. Suddenly, I realized that it was 11:30 and the whole night was gone and I didn't even know what had happened, except that Criminal Minds wasn't as good a usual. Criminal Minds is an AWESOME SHOW. I really, really want the hot badass agent portrayed by Shemar Moore to get with the funky and stylish tech girl portrayed by Kristen Vangsness, who, in addition to acting, also has a cute blog. So anyhoo, as much as I love Criminal Minds, I sort of looked up and realized that I had wasted many hours in which I could have been writing or reading or singing with a rock band or learning how to blow glass or cleaning the kitchen or any number of constructive, fulfilling, live enriching things. So I put a blanket over the teevee and that was that.

The real goal of this experiment is to break the habit of automatically, every single night, staring at that box for hours. It hasn't been too hard--I think putting the blanket over the TV helped. I did watch TV on Sunday, because I was really sick and sniffly, and I couldn't go anywhere, and I think that such noble resolutions don't really apply when it is Sunday afternoon and you have a bad cold and you've already read about 200 pages that day.

So that's the story on the TV ban. It's over on Friday, and I will resume TV watching, hopefully to a lesser degree than before the ban.

So what else? Oh, Knitting and Purling and Hurling at the bar last night. Fun!

This guy was trying to force himself to knit from a pattern. He has some trouble with trusting the instructions to work. He was all "What the hell does it want me to do that for?" To which I said something like, "Just do it and then you'll see." To which he groaned and rolled his eyes and got another beer. Dude, trust the pattern!

Ellie was making a cute little hat in Rowan Wool Cotton for her little tiny baby niece.

Me? I was working on this completely half-assed My So Called Scarf, which I have just kind of been doing to keep my hands busy. It is a cute, easily memorized pattern, and is especially nice in a variegated yarn. I'd like to be doing it in a larger gauge, but meh. Like I said, just keeping busy.

The yarn is this Reynolds Smile stuff, which I picked up when I was in Ohio, and I bought it without reading the label, just cause I liked it. When I got home I saw that it was mostly acrylic. Say wha?? But it is nice to knit with, and it is pretty, so I am officially softening my position on acrylic-wool blends.

I am also working on the ol' blanket. Remember the blanket? She comes out every now and then. (Yes, I do need a new big project. Just waiting for inspiration.) Anywhere, here is my new square:
I had a rough time getting it to photograph well, but it is a really nice sort of iridescent white. Pretty! This pattern is the Single Eyelet Rib from the Barbara Walker Treasury (Volume 1).

Oh, also! Today I found out that you can download the Metro map onto your ipod. That is pretty amazing, I am totally going to do it. I know that people with fancy cell phones that can photograph the moon and talk to the dead and stuff probably don't think it is that cool, but I am an old fashioned girl and these sorts of things blow my mind.

Alright, it is Pizza O'Clock!



micah said...

man, I think I was a bit tipsy last night! th Jim Beam at home really set me up fer feelin fine!

I'm going to have to rip out everyhting I did last night.

Karen said...

Dude! I'm so proud of you and your TV-free week.