Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Some jerk had a birthday.

Hi guys,

Here are the promised pictures from Christopher's birthday party! Here's the birthday boy himself. 21 at last! (He's having his first wine) At this point I was kind of half in the bag already, and I kept calling him "Jack Kerouac."

Things started out innocently enough, with horseplay and drinks in the pool. This is Libby, Libby's cousin Bryce, me, and Tyler.
Bruce lookin' mighty patriotic. Look at all those trees!

Christopher's dad Dave paid some special attention to Matt. Later, Dave picked Matt up after he had dried off and gotten dressed, and threw him bodily into the pool. It was pretty hi-larious, but Matt's cell phone was kind of ruined.
As the night wore on, we continued with our drunken night swimming. At some point, a baby crapped in the pool, and even though it was cleaned out (probably), every time someone fell down, they would yell, "I slipped in shit!" I know it's not funny to you guys, but it was the kind of thing that grew funnier with repetition.

I can only assume this is Barb making one of her signature "blends."
Awww, so cute.

FInally, this picture was taken in the wee hours of the morning. Katie (far left) and Emily had tried to go to the Farm, the local bar, but had almost gotten into a fight because someone insulted Katie's head scarf. Libby is screaming at the paper lady at the end of the driveway that she "can't litter on my parent' s house!" I'm pretty sure I am catatonic at this point.

SO there you have it. I know all these picture were taken 2 and a half weeks ago, but wasn't the wait worth it? Here's another shot of the birthday boy. (yes, that's the baby who crapped in the pool)
Don't worry, we'll get back to current events sometime!
Love, Braxerson


Karida said...

Libby I love your bathing suit.

micah said...

wow. You guys sure can party. I'd have never thought I getting drunk in a baby poop pool, but that's awesome.

Barce, how come you didn't mention the baby poop at the pub last night? I mean, I fessed up to my love for Lindsay Lohan?

max said...

oh. my. god.

This is the funniest post ever. For future reference, what really sold me was the picture of Barb making one of her 'blends'.