Friday, August 3, 2007

Organize, Organize, Organize

Well, now that I am back in town and working a new job, it is time to get organized.

Where to start? Yarn. Honey likes to help.

That nasty clawed up chair next to the Funnyguy up there? Gone! G'byeeeee! Those jerks will have to use the by-god scratching post from here on out.

Stew pot full of yarn, basket full of yarn, and pile of yarn became Tubs O' Yarn. Awesome. My little "area" next to the couch is so tidy now! A nice basket for my works in progress and a purple box for my more long-term projects. It is a tremendous improvement.

Also, I have purchased a new bookshelf (see you in hell, random stacks of books!). I outgrew my big blue shelf. Ellie, the organization guru, thinks you should get rid of books after you read them. Though I bow to her superior knowledge of organizing, she knows nothing of the hearts of bookworms. In this house, we like to cozy up with the written word, thusly:

OK. This reorganization is going to make the living room much more open, airy, and pleasant. It'll probably make the cats shed less too, and maybe it will hire a maid. At the very least it will mean a little more breathing room, plus no more shifting stacks of books around. I mean, yeah. It will do all those things, provided I get the hell off the internet and actually DO it.

Do it.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I'm super impressed, although I will miss the stock pot/yarn holder. Also, Funny Bear is the best cat model ever.