Wednesday, August 15, 2007



I just opened the water bill at work, and inside was a flyer for Toledo. The headline is "Toledo: A Business Friendly City of the Future." Underneath, it has a bunch of awards and rankings from various magazines including:

Ranked a "Top 10 City of the Future in North America"
Awarded "100 Best Communities for Young People"
"Top Five Cities with the Best Tasting Drinking Water in America" (hence the flyer's apperance in my water bill?)
...and my personal favorite,
Ranked #1 "Most Business Friendly City in North America."

I wonder what magazines said all this. The "Please Don't Move out of Toledo Journal?" I would agree with none of these! Except the water one. I guess our water is pretty tasty. I mean, I hardly ever even use my Brita anymore. But City of the Future? I guess the future involves no money for infrastructure and roads falling apart and sewers backing up and strip malls everywhere.

Hmmm...sewers backing up...maybe I should use my Brita after all.


Karida said...

So when I saw 100 best communities for young people I was thinking it meant like people our age. Like mid 20s. So I googled and it means for kids! It's some kind crazy contest that a city has to enter. Lame!

Matthew said...

It's definitely not the best city for people our age. Just ask Brax.