Thursday, September 25, 2008



Seriously, what is the deal with all the bad luck going around? It really Gets My Goat!

Okay everyone. Here is a (probably incomplete) list of the crazy stupid stuff that has been happening.

  1. Our dear friend Cabbage wrecked her scooter and broke her wrist. Terrible fate for a knitter!!

  2. Hurricane Ike hit Columbus, OH, followed by a week without power.

  3. On Saturday, Libby's cat Sister had a seizure and had to be rushed to the e-vet's.

  4. While monitoring Sister to make sure she doesn't have another seizure, Libby smacked her head, resulting in a concussion.

  5. I woke up Monday morning somehow having pulled my back/neck in my sleep and couldn't turn my head.

  6. The same day, I left the apartment and returned to find that my door was hanging open, so my cats had gotten out. Oscar was just hanging out in the hallway, but Fred took about a half hour to find. I wandered around the neighborhood for a half hour tearfully calling his name before I thought to check the basement.

  7. The next day, I realized that in my haste to find the cat, I had somehow lost my purse. My purse contained my wallet and my beloved half-finished cable scarf on my beloved 26" addi turbo 7.

  8. That same weekend, our friend Tome went to Cleveland. Upon checking into a hotel, he realized he had left his wallet in Columbus. His mother overnighted it to him, and he proceeded to lose it at a bar the next evening.

Apparently, our friend group has a poltergeist that is stealing our wallets, fucking with our cats, smacking our heads, and so forth. Fortunately, most of the above problems turned out to be mere annoyances. Having no lights for a week sucked, but it really broke Bruce and I of our embarrassing daytime TV habit and got us reading and biking more. All the cats have been fine since their harrowing ordeals, and I think Fred's disappearence made me WAY less stressed out about losing my wallet. Now if only I could find my birth certificate so I can replace my license.....

In conclusion, I think we all need to just laugh about our terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week. And maybe move our trash cans out of our luck corners.



Cabbage said...

ack! more bad luck! september needs to be over!

Libby said...

Don't forget my TWO FLAT TIRES IN ONE DAY and the resultant huge fight with AAA! 8 hours of dealing with a freaking flat tire, and in the end they towed my car in. For a flat. And then they charged us 70 bucks for the tow even though the ONLY REASON we needed a tow was because the guy AAA sent to change the tire PUT ON A BROKEN TIRE was like "OK, You're good to go!" Also they towed it to a place where they didn't sell tires. So I had to have it towed again.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH AAA. Just pay for a mechanic. It's so much easier.

Only one more week of September, and surely then our luck will change.