Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whatever, March.


In like a lion, out like a lamb? Bullshit, I say. We just got our first March snowstorm on Tuesday. A warm-ish, rainy day slowly turned into a colder day. By the time we had to leave work, the rain had all turned into an icestorm of terror! Slushy ice rained from the sky! I had to chip off a layer of ice an inch thick on my car before I could even leave work. I saw plows out on the roads, but they couldn't salt fast enough for this terrible onslaught of wintery mix. (Thank you, Natalie Dee, for drawing what's in my soul)

What else happened on Tuesday? I feel like there was maybe something else....Oh yeah! The latest in a long line of Super Tuesdays! I totally voted, and I got one of those stickers that I smugly wore on my lapel until it fell off. I don't think the weather deterred too many major bonus from all those Democrats turning out to vote is that every single tax levy passed! Hooray, firemen and schools!

(Yes. In Ohio, schools have to whore themselves out to the voters and get real estate tax levys passed every few months in order to do stuff like "pay teachers" and "keep music and art programs." Schools in districts where poor people live get way less money and are falling apart, while public schools in wealthy districts have fancy, state of the art buildings and computers and offer A.P. classes. It's been ruled unconstitutional by the state supreme court, but schools are still funded the same way.)

Anyway, we awoke Wednesday morning to a bright, sunny day....complete with 4 inches of snow blanketing a layer of ice on the ground. Here's my street:

It was a red light guys! Don't worry.

Anyway, I know that this week has probably been in the 80's in D.C. and you have probably all been working in your bikinis or something. I just thought I'd bring you back down to earth and remind you of just how long winter lasts in Ohio.

Later Gator!

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Libby said...

my first winter back in Ohio, I know I'm going to completely freak out. I haven't worn long underwear in 3 years!