Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yuletide clambake


Hey man! It looks like you had crazy times at Halloween. That makes 3 I've missed, and I don't intend to miss another. My Halloween was pretty quiet.

I did a thing today that I am positive some of our readers are going to disapprove of. I decorated for Christmas!

Yes, yes, I know. It's before Thanksgiving. I don't care. Who makes these rules anyway? I'm starting Christmas a by-god week early.

I love Christmas. I don't really keep the Christ in it, though, although if that is your thing, I dig.

Lots of different cultures and religions have big giant holidays in winter, and this is because winter blows. In winter, everyone needs to be around their friends and family, and take a week off work, and do some feasting. It's almost like everyone in the northern hemisphere gets together to say, "Winter blows, let's have a party" every year.

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. In fact, I need the winter holidays quite desperately. I loathe winter. So, we put up the tree!

Look at our little tree! When we're older and richer we'll fondly remember this little apartment where we could barely fit a 3 foot tall tree, and we had to put it on top of a file cabinet, and everything came from Family Dollar (except these really nice ornaments which were gifts from my aunts, and which are far too large for the 3 foot tree and are therefore in a box under the table). We will probably remember that really fondly. Actually, I'm looking at my little tree fondly right now, because I like my little apartment, and my tree.

Sister also likes the tree.

This is all old news to Sister, but it is Lucky Lucille's first Christmas, so I'm pretty sure I'll find my nice little tree on the floor tomorrow morning. Oh well, at least the fancy ornaments are under the table in a box.

Happy Holidays!

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Karen said...

Love the tree! I wish General Waverly could've seen your little yuletide clambake.